Thursday, 18 April 2013

GlossyBox, "Spring Fever", April 2013❤

So it's finally here! The April GlossyBox, and it shouts "Spring!!" like nothing I've ever seen before!

It's beautiful box design and leaflet brings the whole box to life, making this months GlossyBox ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

The first item to look out for, is Modelco's 'Cheek + Lip Tint' in Rosey Red. When applied the colour is deep red, or "blood red" as defined by my sister, but nonetheless when patted across the lips and cheeks, the blood red turns into a beautiful rosey red colour.
Did I mention it also smells glorious?

Another glorious smelling product in this months GlossyBox, is 'Nip + Fab's' Pistachio Sundae butter. Not only is this green body butter soft and moisturising on the skin, but it also smells amazing. Like AMAZING. So amazing that I feel like a walking dessert when I wear it, it's smell is just so strong and yummy! If you don't like pistachios or the smell, I strongly advice you do not buy this product haha!

Next up is a sample size fragrance from Yves Rocher, named 'So elixir purple', it's small size makes it a perfect fit for a handbag, and it's smell makes it perfect for a night out! Love it!

The next travel size item is Sunsense's daily face cream, which I admittedly have not tried yet. But I'll be sure to let you know, if it turns out to be a godsend.

Last but definitely not least, is this beautiful Essie nail varnish in , it's colour is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to try it! Absolute Bargain!

Well that's all from me guys,
Speak soon! ❤

Monday, 8 April 2013

In need of some (more) retail therapy! Arhhhhh

Anyone that knows me personally, will be able to tell you 100%, that i am a cheapskate. Yes, no word of a lie, i've been brought up to search for the bargains. However recently in fact, it appears i have had a change of heart.
As it's "half term",(a uk midterm holiday), my mother thought it would be a brilliant idea, to drag me along to not one, but two shopping centres!! Uh-Uh,(Que negative buzzer sound),first mistake.
In what world would someone be compelled, to unlease both me & my debit card, into an arena of high end stores. Where quite frankly, a pack of tissues costs around £20. But nonetheless, my mother pushed on, convinced it was an idea to be marvelled. Or thats what she told us.
Before long, i had spent half of what i had cooped up on my debit card, and my biceps and triceps were getting worked out - with the weight of my shopping bags. From this, many would assume that i have learnt my lesson, but it appears my brain suggests otherwise.
It appears indulging myself in exspensive clothes, is a bad influence on me. As i am counting down the days until my next pay check, and therefore my next outfit.
Someone Help!!!

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