Monday, 8 April 2013

In need of some (more) retail therapy! Arhhhhh

Anyone that knows me personally, will be able to tell you 100%, that i am a cheapskate. Yes, no word of a lie, i've been brought up to search for the bargains. However recently in fact, it appears i have had a change of heart.
As it's "half term",(a uk midterm holiday), my mother thought it would be a brilliant idea, to drag me along to not one, but two shopping centres!! Uh-Uh,(Que negative buzzer sound),first mistake.
In what world would someone be compelled, to unlease both me & my debit card, into an arena of high end stores. Where quite frankly, a pack of tissues costs around £20. But nonetheless, my mother pushed on, convinced it was an idea to be marvelled. Or thats what she told us.
Before long, i had spent half of what i had cooped up on my debit card, and my biceps and triceps were getting worked out - with the weight of my shopping bags. From this, many would assume that i have learnt my lesson, but it appears my brain suggests otherwise.
It appears indulging myself in exspensive clothes, is a bad influence on me. As i am counting down the days until my next pay check, and therefore my next outfit.
Someone Help!!!

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